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Poster: setec Date: Sep 5, 2005 7:13pm
Forum: computerchronicles Subject: Re: Computer Chronicles on DVD?

Yes, I was aware of the DVD ready shows, but thought maybe it would be nice to have it already done in a nice finished product :)

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Poster: Draugr Date: Nov 24, 2005 11:16am
Forum: computerchronicles Subject: Re: Computer Chronicles on DVD?

IOf you think about it, who has the time and patience to go through and download EVERY episode and then burn them to DVD. That would take forever! I'd LOVE to see Stewart Cheifet createa commercial release box set for each season/year and sell them professionally. Perhaps some of the bonus material in each set could be bio's of the guests and co-hosts of the show throughout the years. I've been lucky enough to get a DVD set of Commodore material and an episode or two of Computer Chronicles was on the DVDs, man what a GREAT show. Seeing that it was around for 20 years, I'd hate to have to dlownload and then burn all those episodes on to DVD-Rs. I'd rather pay and receive a professionally done box set per season. Does anyone else feel this way and is it possible to contact Stewart Cheifet and ask about this? I tried contacting him a few years back when I stumbled on his website, but I forget if there was simply no contact info or if the email address came back as undeliverable.

Stewart if you EVER read this, please think about releasing the show as box sets. I'd love it and I'm sure many other retro users of all the great systems of yesteryear would enjoy the show too.


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Poster: Rafal Kudlinski Date: Jan 6, 2006 6:29am
Forum: computerchronicles Subject: Re: Computer Chronicles on DVD?

Hello !
That is a great idea .. I love Computer Chronicles and it would be great to have it on professionaly made DVD's.I'm downloading files from the Internet Archive now .. but it's not the same ... I believe that Mr Stewart Cheifet is reading these forums ... ;-) ....If I'm right ... Mr Cheifet please accept my great appreciation for creating such a valuable tv show. Have a great day and think about the dvd's :-)

Kind Regards,
Ralph from Poland
Commodore 64 and Apple G5 User

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Poster: parallax7 Date: Oct 1, 2006 1:37pm
Forum: computerchronicles Subject: Re: Computer Chronicles on DVD?

After reading through this thread it would be amazing to be able to get the whole series on DVD! It would be extremely beneficial for education (I’ve used the series in the past and it was immensely helpful) and, of course, to watch it just for pleasure :) It would also be useful for the Computer Chronicles tribute site project that I’m working on. It’s an ongoing project but not being to get all the eps on the site in order of date of transmission has prevented me from writing reviews and doing other ‘special features’.

I hope that the possibility of getting the Computer Chronicles on DVD will be considered, I’m sure that there are many more out there that would jump at the chance to own an official copy of the series :) Thanks

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Poster: setec Date: Jun 8, 2007 3:05am
Forum: computerchronicles Subject: Re: Computer Chronicles on DVD?

Any more thought on this since I first posed the question? I would certainly pay for the convenience of having these quality episodes on DVD in a box set.

Thank you.